Recycled & Eco Products


Demonstrating your companies eco-credentials is a very powerful sales tool, and as such we have a wide range of environmentally friendly, recycled and compostable products that lose nothing in their quality, yet the carbon footprint of which is far less damaging to our planet. How about a mousemat, coaster or pencil case made from recycled tyres? A USB memory stick with the case made from hand-picked drift wood, pens made from natural corn starch as opposed to plastic, or a bio-compostable pen or packaging film?

Eco-bags have also come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, from natural or re-cycled cotton shoppers, bio-compostable plastic carrier bags, natural jute bags and recycled paper or non-woven polyesters enable you to have a high quality bag, but with the green box ticked. Another batch of products that are eco-friendly rare the natural powered pieces such as wind up radio’s, solar powered clocks and calculators, we even do a fruit powered clock…yes a fruit powered clock!