Pens & Writing Instruments

Pen Sets

The pen is mightier than the sword, well certainly in the promotional merchandise arena it is! The pen has been the mainstay of many a promotion over the years, and there are a number of reasons why, firstly there is a pen out there to suit any colour, style or budget you may have. From the cheap and cheerful plastic stick pen, through to a silver coated Waterman or the exclusive Mont Blanc. Pens are available in a massive selection of colours and good stock levels are held in the UK. Modern technology means that the new generations of pens are now digitally printed in full colour.

Secondly pens are a retainable gift, so value for money wise they defiantly hit the mark, if you find a pen that people like to write with your brand will be in their hand on a regular basis. Pens have also been shown to increase response rates in Direct Mail campaigns. A major charity noticed a 5% uplift in D.M related donations when they included a pen, which as you can imagine was a major boost for them. Admittedly the new Royal Mail pricing in proportion scheme has made this more difficult, however fear not, the clever bods at the manufacturing plants have come up with pens that are now thin enough to pit into the lowest price bracket.

As well as standard pens we can also offer standard and mechanical pencils, colouring pencils, pen sets, highlighters, permanent and dry wipe markers, felt tip pens and crayons. To complete the sets we can offer pencil cases, pencil tins, rulers, scissors, staplers and hole punches.