One distinguishing feature that separates Print Asia from our competitors is our bespoke design service. Customers can approach us with technical drawings, budgetary restrictions, size parameters (More important than ever due to the Royal Mail pricing in proportion scheme) or even just a sketched concept, and Print Asia can turn it in to reality!

We work closely with our customers and factories to develop a range of prototype samples prior to production, these can then be altered or re-engineered until the final piece is ready to roll off the production line.

Here are some examples of the bespoke service in action….

  • Restaurant branded Christmas Crackers complete with selected toys and printed jokes and hats – 40,000 units
  • Superman style red spandex pants, with telecom customer printed logo and bespoke sewn in label – 150,000 units
  • Novelty Sticky Worms and whoopee cushions supplied in sachets with instructions designed around the parameters of fitting inside a DVD case for launch by publisher– 38,000 units
  • Printed Chamois leathers for a car manufacturer, required to remain moist whilst in packaging (I.E ready to use) – 56,000 units
  • Bespoke USB flash drives manufactured in matt black plastic with logo printed purely in gloss varnish – 145,000 units
  • Nylon travel wallets for major currency exchange. Created from customer specification from 210d Nylon and embroidered with logo – 52,000 units
  • Bespoke blister packaging solution for a mobile phone company to launch their new wireless internet dongle – 18,000 units
  • Hand made pearl baubles with printed ribbon to celebrate the launch of a new cruise liner – 5,000 units
  • Printed wooden spoons for a food manufacturer – 18,000 units
  • Inflatable Spitfires for a bomb disposal company – 500 units
  • Magnetic double sided dart boards complete with two sets of darts with printed flights for a car manufacturer – 5,000 units
  • Strips of natural Raffia cut to length for a restaurant chain – 30,000 units
  • Sand Timers with printed customer logo with set times for a major European puzzle book manufacturer

As you can see, we never get bored here!