About Us

How We Work

Enquiries are fielded by the UK office. As soon as an enquiry is received you will be contacted by a member of our team, who will talk through the specification with you. To understand the project is key to us, as often if we know the end use, as well as pricing your original request we can offer some alternate options that may be more economical.

This specification is then passed onto our estimating team, who begin the sourcing, and decide whether a project is best suited for UK, EU or Far Eastern production. Some projects may cross the divide in which case all avenues will be explored to establish best economy and quickest timescale. Indeed our quotes often include both options to give customer full visibility and potential scenarios.

UK /EU Stock Holding Process

With over 28,000 different promotional merchandise items available from stock Print Asia can deliver a multitude of items within a very short turnaround. Many items are deliverable within a week.

If you have tight theme, budget or schedule parameters we will quickly produce a full quotation of available products that fit the bill. If necessary samples can be arranged.

Once an order is confirmed and artwork received we will produce a PDF visual for sign off, and once approved we will keep you up to date for the duration of production, and delivery. As an ISO quality assured company P.O.D’s are required on all jobs within 24 hours, which we can send to you if required.

The Far East Process

The seven to eight hours continental time difference is not a problem to Print Asia. Whilst Europe sleeps, Print Asia does not! With our staff in the Far East we are effectively open as a business for 17 hours a day!

Once an order is received, and artwork, and schedules are agreed, proofs or samples can be produced and express couriered to your desk. The UK team will be your primary point of contact, and customers will receive a dedicated account handler, who will learn your needs as a customer, to help develop a strong working relationship. Our account handlers will keep you up to date during the entire production and shipping process.

Sea freight: The most cost effective solution. From part container (LCL) through to 40 foot containers, Print Asia can cater for all shapes and sizes of shipments. Shipping lead time approximately 5-6 weeks including customs clearance.

Sea/Air Freight: A mid priced solution. As many cargo planes fly to Dubai, and return empty, we are able to sea freight from production port, to Dubai, and air freight back. Shipping time approximately 3-4 weeks including customs clearance.

Air freight: Generally used for small runs, light weight or emergency projects. Although expensive in relation to Sea freight, don’t be put off! In many circumstances we can air freight products back to the EU and still beat local pricing! Shipping time approximately 5 days including customs clearance.

Of course, we are flexible, and if you need to arrange an advanced delivery by air, with the balance to follow by sea, then Print Asia can arrange this for you.

Once your product arrives at the UK or European port, our shipping agent takes care of local import duty and customs issues, once released, we can deliver the goods to your door next day, split deliver to multiple destinations or if required, store the project for later call off.

Print Asia will control the project from order to delivery, you will only need one point of contact, and we will deal with all the customs paper work for you.

What could be simpler?!